Curagen serum


The CLINICALLY PROVEN skin recovery serum approved by US FDA

What is Curagen Serum?

CURAGEN SERUM is a clinically proven skin recovery serum approved by US FDA formulated with 2 unique active ingredients.

curagen serum molecule diagram

MW* = Molecular Weight

A compound must be under 500 Dalton to allow transdermal absorption.
Ref : Bos & Meinardi. Experimental Dermatology 2000: 9: 165 -169

I. Patented Micronized Hydrolyzed Collagen Concentrate from USA
  • Micronized Hydrolyzed Collagen allowed faster transdermal absorption
  • Promote faster recovery, shorten downtime and improve the result of the aesthetic procedures
II. Unique Formulation of Glycerin 60%
  • Clinically proven to inhibit bacteria and fungi growth on the skin
  • To prevent secondary infection which can delayed the healing process
girl with bright skin-optimized


SHORTEN DOWNTIME by promote healing process

  • Replenish collagen to enhance epithelialization/ wound closure
  • Accelerate fibroblast, macrophages recruitment
  • Promote angiogenesis to increase blood flow

IMPROVED OUTCOME by minimize risk of post procedure complications.

  • Minimize risk of secondary infection
  • Minimize scarring and hyperpigmentation
  • Prevent chronic wound formation

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